Reimagining the Museum: experimental practices in digital media in the years 2010-2015

Francesca Sinigaglia


The web 2.0 and the new IT and communication technologies can, and are already integrated in museums. These technologies renew interaction and offer new opportunities for the development and the customization of the experience inside and outside the museum. The examples displayed in this paper show how new technologies amplify and diversify the public audience, at times even improving the quality of their experience. The aim is to bring the user closer to the historical and artistic evidence of our past and our present in the web 2.0 era while creating a cultural consciousness. The unlimited connectivity of new devices can effectively facilitate full accessibility of the contents in our hyper-connected society.


web 2.0; museum; 2010-2015

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2038-6184/9938


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